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Ballynacally village is situated close to the River Fergus and consequently has a variety of wildlife habitats to include Estuarine, Wetlands, Arable Farmland and Mudflat habitats providing extensive and varied habitats for example (Igrets, Herons, Swallows, Curlews, Corncrakes, Pheasants, Hares, Rabbitts, Otters, Eels and Bats).

The landscape of Ballynacally

Its geological make up is mainly shale. The shore/estuary area is an amazing habitat for migrating birds. The area has a lot of natural hedgerows which include whitethorn, blackthorn, wild honeysuckle, wild roses, harts tongue, ferns, ilex holly, blackberry, crabapple, elderberry together with numerous beech and chestnut trees.

Ballynacally Heritage

The village is noted for its beautiful historical stone walls running through the main thoroughfare with its multitude of mosses and lichens. There is a substantial amount of built heritage in the area also which supports roosting and nesting birds and bats. Dangan Castle, Old Church ruins in Kilchreest Graveyard with its ivy clad walls and Paradise House and grounds are examples of these. Paradise House and grounds are also home to untouched areas of mixed woodlands with a large variety of naturalised Rhododendrons which provide a spectacular sight in Spring.It is also home to a variety of pollinators such as butterflies and bees.

St. Martin's Holy Well

This well is located on the west bank of the Ballynacally River, at the end of Ballynacally Village on the main R473 road heading south-west to Kildysert. The site of the well is located between the river and a low cliff wall. A feature of the Ballynacally blessed well practice is night visitation when the walls and grottoes are festooned with lighted candles. A miniature Lourdes grotto has been installed in the lower part of the well site. A number of other religious statues are found in the recesses in the wall.

Ballynacally Shannon Estuary Way
Estuary Way Cafe Ballynacally Shannon Estuary Way
Ballynacally Our Lady's Grotto Shannon Estuary Way
Ballynacally Shannon Estuary Way
Shannon Estuary Way Retreat Centre
Ballynacally Shannon Estuary Way

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