Relax in the ‘Bed of Silk’

Labasheeda is situated along the northern banks of the Shannon Estuary. This area is approximately 15 minutes from the Killimer car-ferry, 20 minutes from Kilrush and 30 minutes along the R473 from the town of Ennis.

The Legend of Labasheeda

According to legend, the sweet sounding name of Labasheeda originated when a sea captain sought shelter in the bay during a storm. This captain was so impressed by its calmness that he likened it to sleeping in ‘A bed of silk’- ‘Leaba Shíoda’.

Labasheeda and district has much to offer the tourist be it history, scenery, old castles or great walks and cycles.

Labasheeda Heritage

Kilkerrin Battery Fortress

Kilkerrin Battery Fortress is a magnificent building on the Labasheeda peninsula, dating back to the early 19th century with unbeatable views of the estuary.

It is the best preserved and most accessible fortress in the Shannon Estuary area. The historical points of interest include the dry moat, cannon rails and the building itself.

The Battery Fortress was built by the British Army because of the threat of Napoleon invading Britain through Ireland.

There were other similar fortresses built along the Shannon Estuary and the nearest one was across the river in Tarbert, but it was unfortunately demolished when the oil fired power station was built.

Drive, walk or cycle back to the end of the peninsula to access this very well preserved structure.

Credit: James Feeney

Kilkerrin Church

The ruins of St. Kieran’s Church contain a very fine example of a stone arch dating back to the sixth century. It is believed that St. Kieran of Clonmacnoise landed at Kilkerrin, Labasheeda while on his journey to visit St. Senan on Scattery Island.

It is understood that he built the church at Kilkerrin and the ruins of that church are still visible today. St Kieran is the patron saint of Labasheeda.

Killofin Cemetery

Killofin Cemetery can be reached on the upper road along the Labasheeda peninsula. The ruins of an Augustinian church that is believed to have been built in the 15th century still stands. With the oldest graves there dating all the way back to the late 1700’s, it is not uncommon for people to come here looking for information about their family history.

From the graveyard there are stunning views of the Shannon Estuary and if you look to the right in the valley, you can see St Kieran’s Holy Well.

The Irish Republican Army Plaque

This plaque is located at the quay and was erected in memory of the volunteers of D. Company, Labasheeda, 1st Battalion, West Clare Brigade, Irish Republican Army 1916-1921 and their comrades in the 1st Battalion, West Clare Brigade, Cumann na mBan 1916-1921.

Their primary aim was to secure and maintain the rights and liberties common to the people of Ireland. It commemorates the story of the men and women who fought for Irish freedom.

St. Kieran's Community Centre

St. Kieran's Church was built in 1837 and is still standing today. It served as a catholic church for Labasheeda until the new church was built in 1977.

After renovation, the community centre officially opened in 1988 and is used for activities including the Dan Furey festival, the Christmas party, senior citizen events, fitness classes, meetings and catering events. An amazing view of the Shannon Estuary can be admired from behind the building.

The Old Schoolhouse

Built in 1887, the old schoolhouse, located next to the present day community centre, served as the local national school for many years.

You will note that there are two doors.

In days past, girls entered by one door and boys the other!

The Blessed Well

The blessed well in memory of St. Kieran is located in the townland of Mountshannon East.

Tradition has it that the well was originally discovered in the townland of Kilkerrin but later sprung up at its present site.

It is widely recognised for its eye cures. People come from all around in the hope of receiving a cure. St. Kieran's Day is on September the 9th every year.

St. Kieran's Well Credit: James Feeney

Labasheeda Outdoor Activities

Labasheeda Cycling Routes

Labasheeda Peninsula, the Shannon Estuary and West Clare have always been popular cycling routes. The roads around here are lightly trafficked compared to busier parts of the county making them ideal for cycling.

There is something new to discover along each and every by-road. Labasheeda has flat routes, hills & hollows and incredible views aplenty.

Enjoy our mapped cycling routes which show the distances and difficulty levels, catering for cyclists of all abilities.

A cycle station, equipped with all the necessities needed to self-repair your bike, including a bike pump is located at Labasheeda Cross.

There are racks to secure your bike while you explore the village. Maps of varied and popular cycle routes are displayed. Read more HERE.

Labasheeda Walking Routes

There are several stunning walking routes, including the Quinn’s Road Walk which is less than 5km and the Peninsula Walk which is almost 10km.

The Patricia Corbett Memorial Walk/Run is held annually in February.

Labasheeda Quay

The Quay in Labasheeda is located in the heart of the scenic village. For many years houses were built down along the Quay but unfortunately they are no longer present. A plaque is also placed dedicated to all those who emigrated from the area during the great famine. The long stretch of beautiful shoreline is clearly viewed from the Quay. Other historical attractions down by the shoreline include a sailor’s grave and a lime-kiln.

During the summer months the Quay is an ideal spot for swimming and kayaking. In recent years it has become increasingly popular attracting all age groups from the surrounding area and beyond. A variety of amenities are available.

Labasheeda Wildlife

Labasheeda is home to a variety of birds and animals, some of which are endangered. An example is the curlew but unlike other places, the curlew is a  regular visitor. Curlews are medium sized birds and are distinguished by their long, slender curved beaks and mottled brown feathers. Other animals found in the area stoats, pine martens, foxes, badgers, and the beautiful dolphin.

The pheasant, also native to Labasheeda, is clearly distinguished by its unique call and colours. While pheasants are capable of flying fast for short distances they prefer to stay on the ground amongst the undergrowth. Pheasants are non-migratory birds and stay for the winter.

Located at the west end of the village and below Mountshannon Estate is Mountshannon Park. It includes a bird hide and is an excellent location for bird and water fowl watching. Currently being renewed, plans are for an educational area and a memorial section to be added.

The Adventure Playground

The Adventure Playground, located at Shannon Gaels Pitch can provide hours of entertainment for all the family. The playground caters for all ages from toddlers to teenagers.

There is a zip line, seesaw, basket swing, ball maze and many other swings and slides. The all-weather astro turf area, as part of the playground facility, is available for playing various team sports.

Labasheeda is a place for you to get away from your daily hectic lives and rediscover wonderful nature.  Enjoy the peace and tranquillity on the banks of the Shannon Estuary.

Labasheeda has a wealth of accommodation for our visitors. It has lots of Airbnbs along with our two magnificent Glamping sites, ‘Beds of Silk’ and ‘Shannon Estuary Glamping’ for those wishing to stay in the immediate area.

Charm Bee Pottery Painting and Cafe is in an ideal location to enjoy pottery painting and good food. Enjoy a creamy pint at Casey’s bar. Then drop into the local Post Office to post a postcard or browse local crafts. Labasheeda Quay with its Picnic area is a great location to enjoy water based activities.

Labasheeda on the Map

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