Loughill - The Home of Gerald Griffin

The West Limerick Village of Loughill is quaintly located on the banks of the Shannon Estuary, nestled between the Villages of Foynes & Glin. The name Loughill derives from “Leamh Choill” meaning Elm wood.

History of Loughill

Loughill is steeped in both Local & National History. Also, it can boast many a famous son & daughter in both Political and Literary circles. In addition, the home of the world renowned Poet and Laureate, Gerald Griffin still stands at Fairylawn to the west of the village. Also, Mount Trenchard House and Estate, the home of the famous Spring Rice family sits proudly overlooking the Shannon Estuary to the East of the village.

Abha Bhán parish park Loughill

Local Food Producers

Loughill boasts a rich and fertile hinterland which enables many local well known and prominent Food Businesses to strive. Furthermore, Loughill is surrounded by a sprawling Woodlands that incorporate many Woodland walks and hidden gems.

The Abha Bhán River

The Abha Bhán River (pronounced Owvaun which translates to (White River) in English is the heartbeat of the village. It gently flows under one of the oldest if not THE oldest bridges in the country, before it enters the Shannon Estuary at Loughill Bay.

Abha Bhán Parish Park

In the middle of the village, the site of the National award winning Abha Bhán Parish Park is situated.

The Park which attracts approximately 40,000 visitors a year is a free amenity for both young and old, whether local, passer-by or tourist. In addition, it was specifically designed so it can be adequately utilised by all elderly persons. Also it is unrestricted and fully accessible for all disabled persons.

Kilteery Pier

Kilteery Pier is approximately one kilometre to the West of the Village. This fine pier features limestone capstans, flagstones and kerbs. Furthermore, it is well integrated into the Shannon Estuary coastline. Finally, it forms a fantastic focal point that is visited by thousands of Anglers and swimmers all year round.

Loughill on the Map

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